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GPCCC Associate Pastor—Church Planting Ministry Qualifications and Job Descriptions

Church Planting Associate Pastor Qualifications 

  • Called by God to be shepherd of the flock (1 Peter 5:1-4)
  • Person of character and testimony as in (1 Timothy 3:1-13)
  • Doctrinal believe in line with GPCCC
  • Agreed with GPCCC by-laws
  • Must have a degree from an accredited seminary/Bible college or equivalent as determined by the Board of Pastors and Elders
  • Two years of Christian ministry experience preferred (involved in ministry to the Mandarin speaking in a church or Christian ministry organization environment)
  • A team player in a multi-pastoral and ministerial staffs
  • Ability to work in multi-ethnic environment.
  • Gifted in preaching, teaching and caring.
  • Marital status: married will be preferred, single is acceptable
  • Language ability: Mandarin with verbal communication skill in English

Church Planting Associate Pastor Job Descriptions

  • Shepherd the flock of God (1 Peter 5:1-4).
  • Lead the church in sound teaching and unity (Ephesians 4:1-16).
  • Seek God’s guidance to establish and carry out the church planting (primary ministry), aiming to develop an independent church.
  • Co-work and be a team player with other church staff.
  • Make disciple of Christ through teaching, preaching and caring of the flock in the primary ministry.
  • Be willing to take assignments on ministries other than the primary ministry, like filling in the adult Sunday pulpit of other languages periodically.
  • Report to the senior pastor. In the absence of a senior pastor, work under the direction of the Chinese lead pastor (the designated leading pastor of the Chinese ministry by the Board of Pastors and Elders).  This reporting will end upon the independence of the planted church from the mother church.



  • 蒙神呼召的牧者 (彼得前書5:1-4)
  • 有品格有見證的人 (提摩太前書3:1-13)
  • 教義上與鳳城華人基督教會一致
  • 贊同鳳城華人基督教會的會章
  • 擁有本教會牧長會認可神學院/聖經學院所頒發的神學學位或相等資歷
  • 在北美華人教會或基督教機構事工服事,最好有二年或以上的實習經驗
  • 能與教牧團隊配搭服事
  • 有可查證的在多種族群中同工的能力
  • 有講道,教導和關懷的恩賜
  • 已婚最好,單身也可
  • 必需精通普通話,並和能以英語溝通 


  • 牧養上帝的群羊 (彼得前書5:1-4)
  • 帶領教會建基於神的聖言和合一 (以弗所書 4: 1 – 16)
  • 尋求神的帶領,建立與推行教會植堂 (主要事工),以發展一個自主教會為目標。
  •  與教牧團隊配搭事奉
  • 藉着教導、 講道和關懷在主要事工中建立門徒
  • 願意接受主要事工以外的聖工差事,如不定期在不同語言的主日崇拜証道
  • 向主任牧師負責。 在沒有主任牧師的情況下,接受華語主領牧師(牧長會指派的華語事工主領牧師) 的指導下事奉。 當所植堂會能從母會自主後,便無須向母會牧師負責。

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