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1910 Hickswood Road, High Point, NC 27265 
Telephone: 336-833-3335
Pastor: Stephen Chang

JOB TITLE:  English Ministry Pastor/Director


Build up our children/youth for a solid relationship with God so they can face the temptations and challenges of the world and stand firm for God. (Proverb 22:6) This position covers both Children ministry and Youth ministry. 


Education and Experience:

  • Must be a baptized born-again Christian who is called to children/youth ministry.
  • Must accept GCCC's Statement of Faith, and willing to further its mission and vision according to GCCC's Value Statements.
  • Have a Bachelor’s or higher degree from a seminary school.
  • Have experience building or leading a Youth ministry.
  • Have a sound base of biblical knowledge.
  • Have a good understanding of the America culture and iGen children/youth behavior.
  • Strong English language skills.
  • The ability to work in a team setting with ministry cohorts and church leadership
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Experience with Children program preferable.
  • Counseling skills preferable.


  • The English Ministry Pastor/Director shall be part of the ministry team working with the Pastor and be accountable to the Deacon Board.
  • The English Ministry Pastor/Director will also work very closely with the pastor and the Education department deacon in developing and reviewing of negotiated English ministry goals and objectives.


  • Oversight of the children and youth ministry. These programs include worship, spiritual development, education, fellowship, discipleship, evangelism, missions, leadership training and affirmation of youth and support of parents of children/youth.
  • Deliver English sermon at the English worship service (Frequency depends on the experience of the candidate)
  • Actively maintain a high degree of engagement with the youth and provide spiritual guidance where appropriate.
  • Develop positive relationships with parents of children/youth and partner with them to enhance the impact of the ministry.
  • Recruit, train, mentor, and support coworkers and delegate responsibilities to them where appropriate.
  • Lead the planning and execution of major English ministry events (e.g. VBS, mission trip)
  • Ensure that all children and youth activities are adequately supervised by approved, responsible adults, according to GCCC guidelines.


  • The English Ministry Pastor/Director is evaluated annually by the Deacon Board with input from the pastor.


  • Working days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday.
  • Off days: Saturday & Monday
  • Working hours per week: 40 hours
  • Holidays: All major holidays except Christian religious holidays. Make up holidays for any vacation day that staff has to work.
  • Vacations: 2 weeks. 3 weeks at the 5th 


  • Please email , or call (336) 833-3335 for more detail.




1520 W. Cameron Ave., Suite 275

West Covina, CA 91790

Hot line: +1 626-917-9482



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