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教會現正聘請一位粤語堂牧師。申請者須具備下列條件: 畢業於北美福音派神學院,擁有道學碩士學位,有五年或以上北美華人教會牧會經驗,能操流利粤語和英語 (能說國語則更佳)。亦希望申請者對多種語言 (國、粤、英) 文化有了解,並有牧養背景不同會眾經驗。受聘牧者向主任牧師負責,與主恩堂牧師團隊同工。


Chinese Bible Church San Diego (CBCSD) is a growing, vibrant evangelical church. We focus on church planting, bible teaching and preaching ministries. Under the guidance of our senior pastor, the church leaders and members endeavor to use our God-given talents to expand God’s kingdom by preaching the gospel, transforming lives, and building up healthy churches.


CBCSD is currently looking for a Cantonese Congregational Pastor.  Applicants for the position are expected to meet the following requirements: graduated from a North American Evangelical Seminary with a Master’s degree in Divinity, have 5+ years’ experiences in ministering church with different cultural backgrounds, fluent in Cantonese and English (a plus if also speak Mandarin). The appointee will be accountable to the senior pastor and work together with our pastor team.



Cantonese Pastor Search Committee

Chinese Bible Church of San Diego

12335 World Trade Drive, Suite 2-5, 

San Diego, CA 92128

Phone:  858-675-8777

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1520 W. Cameron Ave., Suite 275

West Covina, CA 91790

Hot line: +1 626-917-9482



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